Alexander Dunlop
2 min readApr 5, 2021


Scientism: A Totalitarian Ideology That…

1. Views science as a moral authority and appeals to science as the moral authority for social and economic policy.

2. Commits the appeal to authority logical fallacy, as in: “It’s right because science says so.”

3. Willfully misrepresents what science is — a methodology for testing a hypothesis -- and instead, elevates it to a deified role of pronouncing dogma and prescribing policy.

4. Uses appeals to science as a means to control people and silence dissent as in: “He’s wrong because he’s anti-science.”

5. Tries to reduce life and all aspects of life to what can be proven by science, i.e. It’s not true unless science can prove that it’s true.

6. Views human mortality as a problem that science can solve and places faith in science to overcome death and achieve human immortality.

7. Views death as a mistake and considers “one death to be one death too many,” and that if people are dying, then someone must have made a policy mistake, and/or it must be because some people are being selfish and not cooperating to “save lives.”

8. Is a belief system typically found on the left-side of the political spectrum among atheists and agnostics who otherwise do not believe in anything else of transcendent value and have thus unconsciously substituted a belief in God for a belief in Science.

9. Threatens to undermine the foundation of Liberal Democracy because it makes individual rights subservient to and dependent on scientific claims: e.g. “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are seen as truths that are no longer “self-evident” and “unalienable;” rather, these individual rights are seen as valid if and only if science validates these rights as “safe.”

10. Is a novel variant of Marxism / Communism in that it espouses the same Utopian Socialist goals of an idealized society based on, in this case, centralized control of our health and wellbeing; but in this case, instead of removing personal wealth from individuals to be redistributed for the sake of the collective, it seeks to redistribute personal health and wellbeing from those that have it, to those that don’t have it. E.G. Even though children have virtually no risk of death from covid, believers in Scientism maintain that they should be vaccinated for the sake of the health and wellbeing of the herd.

What do you think?

In Science We Trust
We bow to the high priests in the white coats.



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