The correct statement is: these orders are ancient and must be redeemed by each new generation. And it takes heroic effort to redeem them. If we let them be, they become stagnant, lifeless, and tyrannical.

Discarding them is foolish. That part of Peterson’s teaching you have correct. When they are discarded, what arises to fill the vacuum is ideology — either on the Left (Marxism) or on the Right (Naziism).

But letting them be is also not an option.

These ancient orders must be refreshed and revivified by each new generation. And that’s the correct apprehension of reality, according to Peterson. It’s neither to discard the ancient order nor to just let it be, but rather to redeem it.

That’s typified in the Christ-like path that Peterson calls on each individual to undertake as his or her own.


Best-selling author of Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide To Life on Earth. Founder of Life Elevated, a non-profit org dedicated to elevating consciousness.

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