First of all. Thank you.

Thank you for seeing beyond Group identities. Thank you for keeping this dialogue civil. And thank you for challenging me to clarify my comprehension of JP’s teachings and personal limitations.

I will say that calling JP a hypocrite is a FAR cry from how he has been labeled, even by Daniel, as an authoritarian alt-right fascist. And to say that he has, at times, spoken hypocritically would not be inaccurate.

I do feel that it’s unfair, however, to label him as a hypocrite. And here’s why: he candidly admits that he doesn’t live up to his own ideals. Point blank. And while someone who doesn’t practice what they preach is technically a hypocrite, what if someone openly acknowledges that he falls short of his own ideals? What if the person has that level of moral integrity to candidly admit that he has overreacted, lost his temper, and fallen short of always and only telling the truth. Is that really how a hypocrite acts? Or is that a flawed human being who’s trying his best and making mistakes along the way?

I will say too that I completely agree that he can come off as tone-deaf and derogatory to the personal challenges of the people in the Groups that he attacks. And my personal critique of his work is that he often, at times, seems like he’s speaking to academic ghosts in his head, rather than speaking to the mainstream culture at large.

But keep in mind that he only left the Academic Ivory Tower several months ago. Until this year, he was not a cultural figure, and I don’t think he has adjusted yet to speaking culturally, rather than academically. Meaning: he has a TON of academic vitriol to express against Marxist Ideology, and what he thinks are ideologies derivative of Marxism, e.g. Feminism. But in his academic argumentation, he is tone-deaf to the actual, everyday struggles of women.

That said, remember that he is a happily married man, faithful to his wife of at least 30 years (I don’t know exactly how long) with two children. And while this doesn’t necessarily mean that much on the face of it, he is certainly not all the silly, knee-jerk things that he is accused of being like a Cult-Leader or a Fascist. He’s Canadian for God’s sake. :-)

Anyhoo. That’s all I have to say on that.

Be well.


Best-selling author of Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide To Life on Earth. Founder of Life Elevated, a non-profit org dedicated to elevating consciousness.

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