And what’s really needed is not a Regime Change but a Fundamental Change of Metaphysics, a change in the Structure of our Beliefs. At the moment, we collectively believe we are a “Christian” nation doing “God’s work.” And that unconsciously held belief drives our actions and justifies our national behavior.

But, we don’t even realize how much our Metaphysical assumptions drive our behavior. We still believe that we can go to the Promised Land and that we are moving toward a future Redemption, where we will all live in a new Jerusalem. And that belief is what drives the American Dream.

And needless to say, our Judeo-Christian assumptions are dangerously outdated. For one thing, we don’t live as Nomadic tribes, herding goats and sheep, trying to scratch out an existence in desert terrain. In that reality, the assumptions of trying to drive toward a future payoff make sense.

The problem with this Eschatology, however, is that it shreds and destroys what we have currently in the vain hope of a future payoff. As in, this model is not sustainable. We can not simply keep using up resources and literally destroying the ground that we stand on.

And in any case, a far more accurate, comprehensive, and useful Metaphysical model of reality already exists. It was hidden in plain sight because, well, where else would the Quantum Field of reality be hidden?

And my intention is to help bring forth this Metaphysical Model of reality such that we have a complete paradigm shift in our Collective consciousness.

Best-selling author of Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide To Life on Earth. Founder of Life Elevated, a non-profit org dedicated to elevating consciousness.